Tiling Materials

We stock all the materials required to renovate an old floor or tile a complete floor from scratch. Cleaners, sealers, glue removers etc for restoring an older floor or materials to fit a new one.  As well as adhesives, self leveller and grout we also stock the preparation materials too.

We of course supply all the loose component tiles; triangles, strips, squares, patterned pieces etc in all the colours. These can be purchased individually and do not cost much.

We stock a wide range of tiling materials at competitive prices, here are some examples of the most popular things we sell:

Aerosol Protector
Large 600ml can of grout and tile sealer, can be used on a variety of situations.

Colour Intensifier and Sealer
A superb, durable sealer and colour enricher suitable for Victorian floor tiles, quarry tiles and many natural stones. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Resin/Cement-Based Flexible Grouts
Fast setting flexible grout with natural anti-mould properties, efflorescence-free stable colours. Superb to use with high early compressive strength compared to most other grouts. Available in 50 colours.

Crackle Glaze Protector
Protects crazed tiles against staining.

S1 Standard Set Flexible Adhesive
A slower setting S1 flexible adhesive with a 3-4 hour working time.

S1 Fast-Setting Flexible Adhesive
Fast-setting, flexible adhesive suitable for use with underfloor heating, allows for light foot traffic and grouting after 3 hours. Internal and external use.

Powerful cleaner and degreaser for rejuvenating Victorian floor tiles, quarry tiles and lots of other tile types.

Grout Stain Remover
Removes grout and cement residue from floor and wall tiles.

Rapid Level 30 Leveller
A super smooth, fast-setting leveller for depths of 2-15mm, tiling can commence after 45 minutes.

External Leveller
Fast-setting, fibre-reinforced leveller. Suitable for external use. Can be applied from 2-50mm thick in one application. Tile after 3 hours.

Ironwax Gloss
A sealer and colour enhancer that leaves a gloss finish, does require regular reapplications.

An impregnating sealer suitable for Victorian floor tiles and a variety of other natural stones.

MPG Sealer
Sealer for polished porcelain, marble and granite.

LevelFlex+ Depth
Flexible, fibre-reinforced, rapid-setting leveller. Can be applied in depths of between 2-85mm in one application. Can be used on a wide variety of substrates.

Power Stripper
Powerful cleaning product, ask for details before use.

High performance remover suitable for wax, silicone, acrylic, polyurethane sealers and residual epoxy grout For stone, travertine, terracotta, slate, sandstone, flag-stones, quarry Tiles, glazed Ceramic and porcelain.

Spot Stain Remover
Suitable for Interior & Exterior use Effective at removing the majority of mineral oil and cooking oil stains (including oil spatters). Suitable for use on travertine, limestone, sandstone, slate, marble, porcelain, granite, terracotta, quarry tiles, brick, concrete and external paving. Combine with LTP Fullers Earth to help remove cooking oil and old stains.

Tilers' Primer
A waterproof primer, sealer and bonding agent that improves bond strength, enhances adhesion and improves the adhesivse open time.

Wetroom Tanking Kit
A complete wetroom tanking system designed to cover up to 7 square metres.

We stock a huge selection of tools. Here are a few of the more specialised ones we stock:

Grout Float
Professional grout float.

Metal Trim
90 degree lipped trims suitable for edges of tiling, 90 degree corners and as a highlight either side of feature strips in tiling.

Scotchbrite Pads
High performance emulsifying pads, excellent for cleaning period floor tiles.

We stock spacers and wedges from 1mm to 8mm.

Spiked Roller
Used when levelling floors to spread and merge leveller as well as prick air bubbles.

Spiked Shoes
Strap these to your footwear to enable you to walk in wet levelling compound then rinse off under a tap.

Straight Edge
Various long aluminium straight edges in stock.

Over 10 different types of trowel in stock, ask for details.



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