4" Based Chequer Patterns.

Option B: An extra row of white strips in the border, shown below, allows you have Black fill rather than White. Often this looks better with White gloss painted skirting boards. The thicker Black is the fill. These are supplied as 6" tiles and are cut to suit by the tiler.

Black chequer White fill

Option D: You can have constrasting White fill with two strips in the border or you can have the outer Black strip as the fill (cut from 6" tiles to suit by the tiler.) The aim is to have the pattern finish on White triangles around the edge.

Black chequer White and Black border

Option A: In our "standard" quotes we quote for option A unless we are told otherwise. Normally the border will go right around the perimeter of the room. Again, this is how we price it for you. If the room has very narrow sections the border can go down just one side. If you would like to see an example of this, we can email you some photos.

Option C: In option C, you can use this option when the hallway or path is narrow as your fill and border take up less width. You will normally get 3 full White diamonds down the centre of the room with this option, even if the room is narrow.

Black chequer Black fill

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