Installation of Victorian tiles

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Tiling these floors is quite different to tiling a normal floor. The tiler needs to have a good head for maths and problem solving as well as a keen eye for detail on a small scale, the average hall can easily have 3000 tiles some as small as a coin. The floors nearly always require levelling first as the surface needs to be very flat and smooth. The tiles require sealing prior to and after fitting.

We can recommend tillers who have a lot of experience laying these floors whom we work closely with. Or if you have your own fitter we can supply the order based on his requirements and measurements.

We normally work with the tiler to come up with a price for your order based on their site survey and feedback. We often draw out the floor then work out the individual components for the main pattern, border and fill to perimeter. Then the materials required to fit to your particular floor. Once we have calculated the list of materials required we can give you a competitive quote. We work particularly closely with two superb different installers who do an excellent job and are willing to travel should you be some distance from us.

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